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 An infinite hug and embrace is the concept that inspires this work. There is a predominance of horizontals that perfectly follow the motto “New Horizons” in winter sports, Passion - Connected. The infinite embrace amplifies the symbolism of the official Olympic emblem "a grand gathering of people from all around the world in celebration of Olympic winter sports." The visual concept, in addition to expressing harmony, people, festival, passion, friendship, possibility, balance, fairness, peace, one (singular), movement, also expresses speed, concentration, challenge, power, advancement, sports, and joy through the dynamism of the colors, bands and stripes. My design allows infinite variations and combinations of colors and shapes, multiplying the possibilities of perception, symbolism and implementation. The colors that I used are the same of the Olympic emblem. The frontal advance of the blue and red colors, creates a subtle emphasis on the beautiful Korean Flag, which represents important values as the essential yin-yang philosophy, the balance in the universe. This advance movement is also inspired by the motto Passion "the Olympic spirit and the warm hearts of Korean people." The design extends on both sides of the helmet, connected like a hug. A hug of protection, of friendship. The hug of the celebration of victory, and also the hug that consoles. A infinite hug that involves all the values, keywords of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
Red Yellow and Time
Stalker in Andaraí
Benjamin multiples
 Film photography, Rio de Janeiro, 2013 (click on the top right corner to open the image)
 Photography, Rio de Janeiro, 2011 (click on the top right corner to open the image)